Someone wants to order, now what!? First let’s help you with some verbiage you can use when determining what they want to order. Then you can either write down their order or you can text them the information you will need using our “text to order” form. Lastly you can explore the option to send them a cart via the IsaLife app and they can enter in their information. Directions on how to use the IsaLife app are here.

Don’t forget when taking down their order to share with them how they too can do exactly what you have done by paying it forward, offsetting the cost of their nutrition, generate an extra stream of income or make a full time income by maximizing our compensation plan. The next step is to put the order in. You can reach out to your support team for help with this or follow this step by step tutorial to make sure you set them up for success!

This useful script will help you learn how to get paid and get your people paid… when taking down their order! Success rates sky rocket when they have accountability and make money. Everything tastes better when its FREE so don’t leave this step out!

They are ready to order! Here is what you will need to get them started. Copy and past this text to your notes app on your phone so you can use it when taking down their order or text it to them.

You have all the necessary information and are ready to enter the order. Here’s a step by step guide to entering a new customer order. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions about how to place the order or where to place the new customer.

Enrolled, Now What? Details Below

Add them to our FaceBook Community Page: The RAMP Effect and do a welcome call with another member of our community.

Send them a personalized email (using the Welcome Email Template) and strongly encourage them to refer to the resources section at

We encourage you to include the “Open the Box Webinar” in the email as well as the following attachments: Team Welcome Packet, Recipe & Snack Ideas, Product Fast Facts, Foods to Enjoy, Symptoms to Expect When You Detox (all are located on the Wellness Resources Page.

Set up a 20 min call to answer questions, show them their back office, encourage them to enter the IsaBody Challenge, Healthy Mind & Body and show them our Business Training site. Make sure they watch the “Open The Box Webinar” first. This is NOT a Product Coaching Call.