Everyone wants a return on their investment. Insert.


Bust out that list you made and follow the instructions to personally reach out to two people who you know, that would for sure want to do this with you and/or are looking for an amazing opportunity!

NEXT make sure your SOCIAL MEDIA SETTINGS are set up for success with this step by step tutorial! And finally its time for your FIRST SOCIAL MEDIA POST – pick your platform – Instagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn!

This script is designed to help reach out and share with your first future customers. This does NOT replace posting on Social Media or any Proactive Outreach. The goal is to reach out to “two people who you know, that would for sure want to do this with you.

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Social Media allows us to reach hundreds of thousands of people in seconds. In order to maximize your reach and exposure, make sure you have the following Privacy settings in place. Public posts are strongly advised so that you are not limiting your reach. Google ideal posting times for whichever platform you pick to post on and inform your support team so they can be there when you are ready.

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The goal of your first post is to inform, educate and pique the interest of your social network regarding your new endeavor (health or business). By helping others you are not only paying it forward but receiving a return on your investment. This template has been used throughout our Isagenix community and is proven to work when used verbatim.

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Check out our Pinterest page to see "first post" ideas others have used successfully! Depending upon what you are looking to attract this post can be 100% focused on accountability, a transformation or the financial opportunity  - or all of the above. You will attract what you put out there. Use these examples to create your own first post that highlights your goals or accomplishments!

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